It’s a fact of life that teens and pre-teens don’t always consider the consequences of their actions. Unfortunately, the wrong choices can have tragic results, particularly when it comes to underage drinking and drug use.


In her experience as an emergency room nurse, Linda Dutil, R.N., has seen the impact of poor decisions young people sometimes make. As a result of these experiences, she has developed an educational and attention-grabbing 45 minute assembly program titled,“A Taste of Reality.”


Linda’s presentation is not graphic and not a scared-straight approach. It is engaging and positive, involving personal stories and interactive demonstrations—ones that never fail to get and keep student’s attention. A strong emphasis is given to choices and consequences.


Linda also shares many intervention skills with the students. (Such as things to do and how to react if they have a friend who has made poor choices and is in trouble.)


A resident of Maine, Linda has presented her assembly program to thousands of middle school, high school and college age students across the United States.


With an engaging personality and a unique blend of humor and seriousness, she has proven to effectively touch pre-teens, teens, and young adults from many economic and diverse ethnic backgrounds. She shares valuable information, personal stories, and many intervention skills which empower young people to make good choices and stay safe.


Linda’s program began with a State of Maine sheriff’s department and has evolved into what it is today. An enlightening and educational … “Taste of Reality.”


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